What My Clients Say About My Work


“Our workshop on Creativity, Theatre and Presentation Skills with Leah was very insightful, inspiring and great fun! Leah managed in a smart and charming way to get our team members out of their comfort zone and fully committed to the workshop’s activities. Furthermore, she rounded off the programme with some valuable advice, tips and tricks on how to tackle nervousness and prepare oneself for crucial meetings. We would like to thank Leah for a great afternoon and definitely recommend her to other corporate companies”. - Leading Swiss Professional Service Firm



"Working with Leah has truly been a life changing experience and such a blessing. When I first reached out to her I didn't know that she was a professional creativity coach! I just knew that she was a beautiful person inside and out and hoped that she could offer me some advice during a difficult time in my life. When we had our first session I had just recently quit my job that wasn't feeding my soul the way it should and rather than focusing on the negative effect of no longer having an income, Leah used this as an opportunity to help me explore the things that I love the most and am passionate about. After completing my 3rd session with Leah I have gained the confidence to connect with people that I normally wouldn't, advance in a career that embraces my individuality and found value in my skills and worth so that I can take control of my own life and live life to the fullest!" - Anne H.


“Leah’s coaching sessions not only helped me to find my way to handle a creative block, we also found what kind of “methods” may be beneficial for me to overcome it. Throughout her gently guided sessions, I felt empowered to move past my blocks. Literally I could see how my “knot” seemed to soften during the coaching sessions. At the end I got a full “tool box” of supporting things that may be helpful in other knotted situations. Not only moving past blocks but also creating a “tool box” made me feel confident about facing other (possible) future blocks that might come up.” - Corina H.

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