Frequently Asked Questions


Is this work only for artists?

No! While a lot of my clients are individuals who identify as being artists, this work is for anyone who wants to optimize their creative potential in any line of work. Many of my clients are working on building businesses, websites or content-sharing platforms like YouTube channels and podcasts. I’ve been there and have the tools to optimize your creative process as you build your dream.

Do you only work with women?

Right now, my coaching work is dedicated to women. The way that women and men create is inherently different. As a woman myself, and throughout my ongoing journey of deepening my own creative potential, I’ve become intimately familiar with how women can use their entire beings to bring an intention to life. I am passionate about sharing this wisdom with any woman who feels drawn to this work.

How do I know that this coaching process will work?

  • Because creativity is right-brained, many of the components of this coaching experience are also right-brained.

  • And: we’ll weave in left-brained elements (like goals, action-steps, due dates etc.) to give you the structure you need to take your inspiration from vision to reality.

  • You’ll learn how to use a small-step approach to help you bypass the fear response that can prevent you from taking action.

  • A gentle approach and lowered pressure during the coaching process make it more enticing and fun for you to show up for your work. You’ll also find that this increases your productivity and excitement to engage in the creative process.

  • This form of coaching embraces all sides of the human experience (including your dark sides & shadows). You’ll learn how to work with your roadblocks so you can move beyond them.

How is this type of coaching different from other types of coaching?

  • We focus on taking small steps that build momentum and lead to the bigger steps (instead of taking large leaps that can trigger fear responses in the brain which cause us to shut down.)

  • We’ll go beyond just talking in your sessions and include exercises and experiences that’ll incorporate your whole being into the work.

  • This is a gentle form of coaching that holds space for intuitive detours and inaction. I’ll keep you on track, but I also understand that you’re human and that the creative process doesn’t always go as planned.


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