Creative Manifestation Coaching

A 12-week 1:1 Mentorship for women who want to optimize their creativity to bring their vision, business or project to life

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You will Receive

  • Guidance from someone (me!) who holds space for you as you release that which no longer serves and step into your power as the embodied creator you were born to be

  • Weekly 60-75min coaching sessions

  • E-mail/text support in between sessions to optimally guide your process & transformation

  • Personalized e-mail follow-ups after every session to remind you of key takeaways

  • Visceral experiences during our sessions that will enable transformation on a deeper level. We won’t just be talking, but also moving our bodies, practicing guided visualizations and spending time on tasks you’ve been struggling to get to

  • Hands-on tools to work through: overwhelm, procrastination, fear, resistance, lack of focus, perfectionism, low self-worth and self-sabotage (or anything else that may be getting in the way of your creative power)

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This work is for you if

  • You’re looking for a GENTLE yet POWERFUL form of coaching that will build a solid foundation for change

  • You’re ready to move INTO your discomfort so that you can move THROUGH your blocks

  • You’re ready to DO THE WORK and SHOW UP FOR YOURSELF. I remind all of my clients that our coaching work is a co-creative relationship. I can only support you as much as you’re willing to show up for yourself.

  • You’re excited to INVEST IN YOURSELF to accelerate your growth and expansion


  • And most importantly: you’re open to the possibility that your vision might be completely different, and far greater, than you ever imagined.

I believe that creativity fuels every human endeavor. We are all artists.

This work goes way beyond Sunday afternoon arts and crafts or learning how to paint with watercolors. This is about tapping into your deepest creative potential to manifest what you were put on Earth to create.

Creativity is the food of joy. When we are creative, we express the joy of being alive. We are all creative at the core.
— Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
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What this work includes

  • Manifesting your creative vision into physical form

  • Learning how to use small steps effectively to manifest a powerful and strong foundation of change in your life

  • Moving through blocks & limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck

  • Reprogramming your thinking & self-talk to optimally support your creative work.

  • Learning a healthy, gentle and effective approach to mastering your work and creative process in a way that fills you with joy, ease and fulfillment

Take care of yourself with grand gestures of festivity, and creativity will take care of you by flowing more effortlessly.
— Jill Badonsky
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I so look forward to connecting with you. If this work resonates, click on the link below to submit an application and schedule your connection call.

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