Tummy Soothing Smoothie

I've been doing a lot of reflecting lately on our ability to transform how we're feeling at any given moment. I've always fallen into the camp of sensitive people. When I eat something a little off, or go to bed a little too late or don't create time to exercise, my body usually makes it known. I used to be down on myself about this. But over time I've learned to embrace my body's finicky-ness and have made one powerful realization: if my body responds so readily to the harmful stuff, it will respond with equal sensitivity to the nurturing, energizing and healing GOOD STUFF.

It's all about giving your bod the right tools. And these can be very very simple. The other day I sat down to work and felt a little foggy minded. Instead of trying to plough through, I went outside for a brisk 15 minute walk. By the time I came back, the fogginess was gone.

Everyone's toolbox is different. I believe that one of the joys of being a human being is discovering which tools work for you. I think of it as a little hobby; discovering which simple actions can radically transform your sense of wellbeing. And after a while, when your toolbox becomes larger, you start to feel really really powerful, because you know exactly which tools to use no matter what life offers you.

One of the stars in my toolbox is this yummy Tummy Soothing Smoothie. It's challenging for me to function at my creative peak when my tummy feels off. I'm not talking about food poisoning or a tummy bug, that's a whole other story. But I'm talking about those days when I wake up and my tummy just doesn't feel as happy as it normally does. Normally I can trace this back to eating something that didn't agree with my system, or eating too much or too late. Whatever it is, I usually turn to this smoothie to reset my digestive system. I see it as kind of a peace offering to the friendly bacteria that hangs out down there. It's super easy to digest, it'll clean you out every so gently, and it'll revitalize your beautiful gut flora. 

Ingredients (for one serving) 

1/2 organic pear
1/2 organic banana
1/2 cup spring water
1 cup goat milk
2 tbsps. goat yoghurt
1/4 avocado
2 tbsps. fresh fennel, grated
  or 1/2 tsp. ground fennel seed
1 tsp. grated ginger
2 tbsps. flax seeds
1 acidophilus & bifidus capsule (optional) 
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
a sprinkle of real salt
a splash of lemon
a dash of cayenne (optional) 
2-3 spring water ice cubes


1) Combine pear, banana, ginger, fennel and goat milk in a blender. Blend on high for about 10 seconds or until smooth. 
2) Add remaining ingredients. If you're incorporating an acidophilus & bifidus capsule (which I highly recommend), open up the capsule and pour the powdery content into your blender alongside the other ingredients.
3) Blend everything until smooth. Pour into your favorite smoothie glass, sip and enjoy. 

Over the years I've observed how much easier it is for me to function at my creative peak when my tummy is happy. A lot of research has come out recently about how our gut is our second brain. After years of observing the sensations in my body, I've definitely come to find that a happy tummy also leads to a happy mind. Try out this smoothie and see how it affects your tummy and your mood. 

happy tummy = good mood = creativity boost!! 

Wishing you all so much good health & vitality. 

with love & creativity,



author: Leah Steiner // photos by: Leah Steiner