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How To Set Powerful Goals

Hello Beautiful Creative Friends!

Setting goals is an important part of the creative process. When I look at the creative process from a super simplified perspective, I like to break it down into two main parts: receiving inspiration, and then manifesting that inspiration into some type of physical form. Setting goals in a healthy and supportive way is a key part of this manifestation process.

In today’s video I’m sharing a new approach to goal setting that has felt super supportive and empowering lately. I’m still still playing around with it (and am by no means perfect with it yet), but I wanted to hop on and share it with you so you can try it out as well.

To watch the video, click here: How To Set Powerful Goals Video 

What kind of goal-setting do you find the most supportive? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you! 

With love & creativity always,

xo Leah


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Why I Call Them Secret Projects

Hello beautiful people! 

Some of you may have heard me referring to projects that I’m working on as “secret projects”. In today’s video I’m sharing how this simple practice has made a huge difference in my ability to stay committed to and create success in many of my creative endeavors. 

To check out the video, click here:


With love & creativity always,


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How I Listen to My Intuition

Fine tuning my relationship to my intuition has been a real biggie in my life lately. For those of you who have watched some of my more recent videos, you know that I’ve been using my intuition to guide me as I’ve made some major life decisions. But already before this year, my intuition has been a key player in my life and in my creative life. It’s guided me towards specific directions or away from people or projects that don’t serve, creatively or otherwise.

I get a lot of questions from clients and friends about how to listen to your intuition and what listening to your intuition feels like. So I created this little video with the intention of offering you some tools and guidance as you strengthen your relationship to that inner voice that lives inside you.

To check out the video, click here.

As will all of my videos and posts, I encourage you to take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. These are simply some tools for you to try on, and if they don’t fit, chuck them away.

Wishing you love & inspiration always,



Creative Peak Times

I shared an important video on the channel this week and wanted to touch base about it here. If there's beens anything that's been a real game changer for me and my ability to tap into a state of peak creative flow, it's been becoming more aware of my peak creative times. This also came up in a creativity coaching session with a client recently and developing this awareness created a profound shift for her as well. I realized it was high time for me to talk about this with all of you.

In a nutshell, creative peak times are specific times times of day when you do specific creative work most easily and effortlessly. 

In my case, my daily peak creative schedule looks like this:

Mornings- best for really focused, individual creative work; like writing, reading or character work.

Afternoons- collaborative creative work like meetings, working with clients or filming.

Evenings- on your feet stuff like rehearsing or dancing.

I encourage you to start paying gentle attention to when you do certain types of creative work best. This can look completely different for everyone so allow yourself to be open to whatever reveals itself to you.

Once you've started observing a pattern, give yourself permission to honor your peak creative times. I call my morning creative times my "Morning Golden Hours" and protect these with a fierceness. Don't be afraid to do the same.

And that's it! It's really quite simple =)

If you'd like to delve a little deeper and watch the video, you can do so by clicking here.

And feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I will respond to them!

With love & creativity,