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Why I Call Them Secret Projects

Hello beautiful people! 

Some of you may have heard me referring to projects that I’m working on as “secret projects”. In today’s video I’m sharing how this simple practice has made a huge difference in my ability to stay committed to and create success in many of my creative endeavors. 

To check out the video, click here:


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Creative Peak Times

I shared an important video on the channel this week and wanted to touch base about it here. If there's beens anything that's been a real game changer for me and my ability to tap into a state of peak creative flow, it's been becoming more aware of my peak creative times. This also came up in a creativity coaching session with a client recently and developing this awareness created a profound shift for her as well. I realized it was high time for me to talk about this with all of you.

In a nutshell, creative peak times are specific times times of day when you do specific creative work most easily and effortlessly. 

In my case, my daily peak creative schedule looks like this:

Mornings- best for really focused, individual creative work; like writing, reading or character work.

Afternoons- collaborative creative work like meetings, working with clients or filming.

Evenings- on your feet stuff like rehearsing or dancing.

I encourage you to start paying gentle attention to when you do certain types of creative work best. This can look completely different for everyone so allow yourself to be open to whatever reveals itself to you.

Once you've started observing a pattern, give yourself permission to honor your peak creative times. I call my morning creative times my "Morning Golden Hours" and protect these with a fierceness. Don't be afraid to do the same.

And that's it! It's really quite simple =)

If you'd like to delve a little deeper and watch the video, you can do so by clicking here.

And feel free to leave any comments or questions below. I will respond to them!

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An Interview with Dr. Ulrike Stedtnitz

Hi Everyone!

I've been dreaming and scheming about doing an interview series on the channel for a while now, and I'm so honored to share that our first chat is with my amazing Mom, Dr. Ulrike Stedtnitz. Ulrike is the founder and CEO of stedtnitz. design your life, a psychological consulting firm that works with clients of all ages. Her signature product is a service called a Life Design, which goes beyond career counselling, and allows her clients to discover what they want to do with their lives as a whole. She’s got a huge well of insights and experiences and I’m so excited to share this interview with you.

Join us in this cozy chat, where we talk about Ulrike’s work and what it means to engage in “small” and “big” creativity. This conversation is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about finding small ways to invite creativity into their day-to-day.

To go to the video, click here. 

Enjoy, and wishing you all a beautifully creative day. 

Music to Inspire Your Creativity (and a little gift for you all)

In this week's video I talk all about how music can inspire your creativity. One of the things that I am really loving about this project, is that as I dig deeper, I'm finding that most of the discoveries about creativity that I'm making in my daily life have a scientific backing to them. For example, I've always intuitively suspected that music can be a gateway for allowing us to tap into a state of creative flow, and sure enough, scientific research has come up with the same conclusion.

Neuroscience has found that when we listen to music, our brain enters into what is known as as "mind-wandering mode" or a "dreamlike state" (1) (2). This is also the state that our brain enters into when we embark on creative work. So it comes as no surprise that a lot of us put on those tunes when we want to tap into that awesome space of creative flow. 

I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet! If you want to read more about the neurosciency side of things, check out the two articles below. I found them to be incredibly helpful and informative for learning more about what goes on with our brain & our creativity when we listen to music. 

* "Here's Proof Music Can Do More Than Just Make You Feel Good" - The Huffington Post

* "Music's Influence on Creativity" - How Design

Also, if you want to watch the YouTube video that accompanies this post, click here. 

And as promised in the title, this post/video comes with a little gift! 

I’m sharing a personal playlist that I’ve created on Spotify that includes all of my favorite songs for finding inspiration and getting into a state of peak creative flow. This music is great for writing, studying or if you’re experiencing any type of creative block. All of this music is instrumental (which I’ve found works best when I want to tap into a state of creative focus).

Some of these songs are quite personal. One is from one my favorite theatre productions that I was ever a part of. Another one is from La La Land (which is a recent fave film of mine=)) This is an ongoing playlist and I’m always adding new music to it!

photo by:  Andrei Bocan

photo by: Andrei Bocan

 Here's how you follow the playlist: 

* Look up “Inspire Your Creativity” on Spotify. * You can also look up my account, “leahsteiner” (Spotify makes it very tricky to change your username, so this is still my maiden name =)), and find the playlist from there. =) 


May this music support you with tapping into your peak creative potential! 

Wishing you all a gorgeous week filled with lots of creative inspiration. 

with love & creativity,




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