Raw Goat Milk Smoothie

I share this recipe fully aware that raw goat milk is a rare and precious commodity to come by*. But as it so happens, I live right down the street from a little store (thank you Cookbook in Echo Park!) that carries this amazing food. Jules bought a bottle of it last week and offered to share some with me. I blended some into my smoothie and...WOAH. Seriously...woah. I felt incredible for the rest of my day. Now my feeling incredible could've been attributed to any number of things. But over the years I've become hyper-aware of how different foods affect my overall wellbeing. And I tell ya, this raw goat milk smoothie was a whole new experience altogether. I felt energized, happy, clear-minded and my body felt full. Not in a stuffed, I-ate-too-much kind of way. But more in a, my body just received all the nutrients it needed kind of way. 

Now, if you don't live near a raw goat milk source, or the idea of consuming it doesn't speak to you, try making this smoothie with pasteurized goat milk**. This is still an amazing, nutrient-rich food which is much more easily digestible than cow's milk. Cow's milk contains A1-beta-casein, whereas goat milk contains A2-beta-casein, a protein that is far easier for the human body to digest. If you want to learn more, check out this super comprehensive overview of all the great benefits that goat milk has to offer: http://draxe.com/goat-milk/

Ingredients (for one serving)

1 cup raw goat milk
1/2 fresh organic pear (papaya or pineapple both taste awesome as well) 
1/2 banana ***
1 avocado sliver (for extra creaminess :-))
1 teaspoon freshly ground ginger
A sprinkle of lemon zest from organic lemons
1 teaspoon fresh raw bee pollen (optional) 
2 spring water ice cubes
1/4 teaspoon ground raw vanilla bean
1/4 teaspoon organic cinnamon powder
Touch cardamom (for an extra creativity boost ;-))
Dash cayenne (for you fiery ones out there)
Pinch Real Salt


Give your lemon and pear a thorough wash. Grate your lemon to yield the lemon zest (this is one of my secret ingredients which gives this smoothie a fragrant citrusy aroma that blends really well with the other ingredients.) Peel and grate your fresh ginger. Place grated ginger, lemon zest and remaining smoothie ingredients in a blender. Blend until desired consistency is reached. If you find your smoothie is too thick, you can either add more milk or a little bit of spring water. 

Spring is blossoming here in the City of Angels, which means its occasional runny eye and nose season- yes, allergies are in the air! Whenever I feel any of these springtime symptoms coming on, I like to blend some local fresh raw bee pollen into my smoothies. This offers almost instantaneous relief. Usually you can find this good stuff at your local farmer's market.

There's an ongoing debate about whether raw milk consumption is healthy or harmful. There are many many articles out there that offer a lot of information on the topic. When it comes to areas such as this, I'm a big believer in informing yourself and then making up your own mind about what resonates with you. I believe that we have an innate ability to tune in and discern which foods are beneficial to us at any given time. So if trying raw goat milk speaks to you, go for it! If it doesn't, then leave it be. It's important that we feel good about the food that we put in our bodies. 

Cheers, enjoy and be well. May this fuel you for a gorgeously creative day. 

*For my fellow Californians, check out this link to find stores that sell raw goat milk from a source with excellent farming practices: http://claravalefarm.com/pages/where-to-buy-raw-milk
** For pasteurized goat milk, Summerhill Dairy is one of my favorite brands =)
*** I've mentioned this in a previous post; it's a good idea to let your bananas suntan for 3 hours. Bananas are gassed when they're picked to keep them from ripening too quickly. Laying them in the sun allows them to release these gases. 

author: Leah Steiner // photos by: Juliana Mariia Rose @jules.m.rose