Grounding Rituals

I write this post from my beautiful new abode! The birds are singing in the background, I'm soaking up clean air and I'm overlooking a garden that makes me feel like I'm living in a jungle. Life is peachy! 

This period of transition has taught me a lot. Specifically about how I've grown in terms of responding to major change; that packing up your entire home and tending to all of the paperwork and organization and tying up loose ends that comes with it doesn't have to be stressful. That all of these tasks can be approached with ease, and joy and playfulness. And that there's definitely pockets of fun to be found in all of it. 

I also learned how important it is to stay committed to my daily practices that keep me grounded and connected to my strongest self; that it is this that helps me find the fun amidst the chaos. Especially when a lot is going on, it's so tempting to let these practices fall by the wayside. In the past few weeks I made a commitment to honor my rituals. On most days I didn't have much time, but more so than ever I learned how powerful a few minutes can be, if you fill them with mindful actions. 

This post will be short & sweet. Just like these grounding rituals. Which are intended to be super simple & accessible. 

I talk about some of these rituals in more detail in my Daily Essentials post. To check that out, click here.


15 minutes in the AM to infuse your day with calm, balance and focus. Check out Yoga With Adriene on YouTube for inspiration. 

Papua Coffee

2 cups/ day to alkalize, ground and re-balance. To read more about my fave coffee roasted by my dear friends, the Avanesses, click here. 

Ginger Tea

1 tbsp of chopped raw ginger root/cup of spring water. Cover pot. Boil for 15 minutes +  let sit for 15 minutes = Enjoy!. Ginger is super integrating and alertness-inducing. It also gives you a mild boost if you're not craving coffee but still want something to help you focus. 


15 minutes/day, wearing as little clothing as possible so you can really soak up those Vitamin D rich rays. If you don't have much time, sitting outside during your lunch break is an awesome option.  

Try to get 7-8 hours in. Even if you're schedule is crazy. It'll help you function with more focus & efficiency throughout your entire day. 

As with anything you find on this site, play around with these ideas/inspirations & discover which ones work for YOU. And feel free to share any grounding rituals that you've created in the comments section below! 

with love & creativity,


author: Leah Steiner // photos by: Juliana Mariia Rose