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Cafe Con Coconut Panna
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Father's day is coming up and I share this recipe in honor of my Dad, a veritable coffee lover. Especially espresso. His coffee beverage of choice is Espresso Con Panna- a potent cup of espresso snowcapped with a generous heaping of homemade whipped cream. Being more of a french press kind of gal, and since I love putting my own spin on recipes, I've naturally made this combination my own. While I love the dairy version* of homemade whipped cream, I've found that this coconut cream is a wonderful alternative when I'm in the mood for plant-based foods. Plus, summer finally came to tickle us hello here in LA and right now coconutty things are making me feel summery and happy. 

Ingredients (yields several servings of cream) 

1 can organic coconut milk (full fat)**
1 teaspoon organic vanilla extract
1/2 teaspoon organic cinnamon
Dash cardamom
Some organic lemon zest (optional) 


Pour contents of can into a medium-sized mixing bowl. Add vanilla extract, spices and lemon zest (if using). Using a hand mixer, whip cream on high until frothy. Garnish a freshly brewed cup of coffee*** with several tablespoons of cream. Store remaining cream in an airtight glass container (this will keep in your fridge for 3-4 days).  

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Creativity Boosters

Coconut Milk ~ is a powerful brain food. This is because it contains medium chain triglycerides, which the brain can access and use as fuel immediately (no need for them to pass through the digestive tract). This means that this coffee combination is amazing when you want your brain to function at super-speed for your very best creative work. 

Cardamom ~ I love sharing recipes that feature this spice. There's a reason I chose to use it as part of the blog's title. Christina Avaness, one of my mentors, and a food guru if there ever was one, first introduced me to the idea that cardamom is beneficial for creativity. While I haven't found any scientific research to back this up, I've found sources that share that cardamom has long been used as an aphrodisiac and mood-elevator****. Our sexual energy is closely tied to our creative energy. I believe that aphrodisiacs, foods that stimulate our libido, by default also stimulate our creativity. 

In other news, for those of you who are wondering what is going with cacao: a journal, our wonderful Jules is currently embarking on new adventures up in NorCal. She's still very much involved with the C&C world, think behind the scenes work and long, creativity-inspired, blog development-related type of phone meetings. I feel so blessed and grateful to be collaborating with this shining creative soul! If you want to learn more about her work, check out her website and her profile on I Love Creatives

Thank you always for all of your support, dear readers, enjoy your coconutty cream, and happy creating! 

With love & creativity,


* If I'm going the dairy route I like to use organic heavy whipping cream. I always make sure to take an extra glance at the packaging to make sure that there aren't any other ingredients, just pure and simply organic heavy whipping cream.
** I'm not sponsored by these peeps, but I've found that the Native Forest CLASSIC coconut milk works really well for this. While it may seem super rich and creamy, keep in mind that you're only using a relatively small amount on your coffee. Also, their cans are BPA free, which is a huge added bonus. 
*** I love using French-pressed Papua Coffee for this recipe =)


author: Leah Steiner // photos by: Leah Steiner


Triple Boost Coffee

Momentum and Change. Two big words this month. It's been interesting to observe how both of these things are happening concurrently and in full force. Sometime in the next month I'll be moving out of my beloved home in Echo Park to explore another LA nook and cranny. Do I know where yet? Nope. Is that unsettling? A little. But not in an overwhelming kind of way. 

At the same time life is flooding me with abundance; so many beautiful opportunities for life and work and collaboration are coming my way. When I look at all of this, and how it's all happening at once, my rational mind gets an impulse to freak out just a tiny bit. It's easy to go down that path. But lately I've become a big fan of listening to my intuition. I'm realizing that the centered, larger-than-me part of me is unusually calm. I say unusually because in past life-moments like this I would've felt all of those familiar feelings of anxiety creeping in. But this time I'm making the choice to breathe. And to trust. And to live with the knowing that it will all work out. Because, really, it all will. 

How does all of this relate to coffee? Well, with all of the happenings happenin' in my life, I find myself eating simpler. And focusing on the foods that fill me with the energy and clarity of mind that I need to sustain me throughout my long and beautifully full days. This Bulletproof-inspired* recipe has become one of my faves. 

The funny thing is, even though blending coffee with butter has such a positive rep, I only just tried, and subsequently fell in love with it, a month ago. In addition to the creamy texture and buttery flavor of this blend, I also love the effect it has on my brain. My mind really goes into turbo mode on the mornings when I butter up my cafecito. And I find myself being able to stay in focused and creative flow mode for several hours in a row.

So without further ado, here's my super simple recipe:  


Ingredients (for one cup) 

1 cup freshly brewed Papua Coffee**

1 tablespoon organic unsalted butter

Pinch Real Salt (really, just the tiniest amount)

Dash cayenne pepper 



Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend for approx. 15 seconds. Pour into your fave mug, sprinkle a little cinnamon on top and enjoy. 


While some peeps like having this rich coffee blend without any other kind of breakfast foods, I've found that I like coating my tummy with a small and light breakfast. When I really want to feel energized, I'll make a mini-portion of my Green Reset Smoothie, followed by triple boost an hour later.

Enjoy your yummy buttery coffee, and remember to savor the simple little snippets of beauty in your life. No matter how crazy it all gets. In the spirit of that, I offer you this little bouquet of spring flowers. We stumbled upon them when we were looking for things to dress up our photo shoot with. Jules, with her magical photo eye, saw the opportunity and grabbed some beautiful spontaneous shots. Here's one :) Oh, and speaking of Jules. Check out her intro post to her chocolate series that will be living on C&C. I grew up in Switzerland, the land of CHOCOLATE, so I'm stoked that this blog will now have a chocolatey section. Look out for many scrumptious truffl'd recipes to come...


Sending you creativity & inspiration,


author: Leah Steiner // photos by: Juliana Mariia Rose & Leah Steiner


* David Asprey is the original creator of Bulletproof coffee; to check out his recipe and read more about his work, click here

** I've mentioned Papua before in my Cardamom Coffee Dream post. My dear friends roast this incredible coffee. It's the only coffee that I've discovered up until now that has an alkalizing effect on the body without being denatured in any way. If you're curious, check out this link to learn more. 


Cardamom Coffee Dream
Photo credit: Juliana Mariia Rose  @jules.m.rose

Photo credit: Juliana Mariia Rose @jules.m.rose

My first creativity boost is a recipe that features both of the yummy ingredients that make up this blog's title. This is is one of my faves. Enjoy. 

Usually I like keeping my morning cup of coffee simple and black. Occasionally I'll lighten things up a little with a frothy goat/coconut milk combo (my version of a café au lait) or a sprinkle of cinnamon. I love savoring the whole spectrum of flavors inherent in high-grade coffee. The creation that I'm about to share definitely veers away from this simplicity, but it'll take your cup of coffee to a whole new level. The cacao and the spices offer an additional boost on top of the caffeine, so get ready for an extra dose of stimulation. Also, the coconut butter has a satiating effect, so , if you like, this can double as your breakfast. 


1 cup freshly brewed Papua Coffee* 

1/4 cup goats milk, slightly heated

1 tsp. raw coconut butter

1/2 tsp. organic virgin coconut oil 

1/2 tsp. raw honey 

1 tsp. raw cacao powder 

Dash cardamom

Dash cinnamon 

Pinch vanilla bean powder

Pinch turmeric powder (this one's optional, but I like sneaking in some of this powerful anti-inflammatory agent wherever I can) 

Dash cayenne (if you're craving a little extra fire)

*A little note: You'll see this name popping up quite a bit throughout this blog. Yep, my friends roast this incredible coffee. Nope, they're not paying me to write about it. I just really love it and all of it's amazing health benefits. More on that in the coming weeks :) 


Combine all ingredients in a blender (lately I'm loving the NutriBullet, but any type of blender works). Blend on high for thirty seconds. Pour into your fave mug and sip and savor :) 

Photo credit: Juliana Mariia Rose  @jules.m.rose

Photo credit: Juliana Mariia Rose @jules.m.rose