Banana Raspberry Ice Dream

SUMMER is finally here in LA and boy, am I loving this HEAT. My creativity thrives when it is bright and hot outside. Ever since the the temperatures began soaring two weeks ago, I've felt this fresh energy and inspiration coursing through my being. That said, a few of those days have belonged to the crazy hot category, where I've felt my body going from loving the heat, to feeling slightly over-heated. Our home doesn't have air-conditioning, so I've been coming up with other creative solutions to cool down my body temperature. And naturally, some of those incorporate food and nurturing the creative vessel (aka, our beautiful bods ;-)). Enter: Banana Raspberry Ice Dream. My husband and I both love ice cream, but we've noticed that the store bought kind, even the plant-based versions, haven't really been jelling with our tummies. Since one of my joyous obsessions is creating recipes that not only nurture the body, but also the heart and the soul (which ice cream definitely does), I knew I had to come up with a tummy-friendly version. This is the result; a delightfully creamy ice cream concoction full of creativity boosting ingredients.

Ingredients (for two small servings, or one large one)
(use organic whenever possible)

2 frozen bananas (medium-sized, sun-ripened)
1/2 small ripe avocado
1 cup frozen raspberries

1 tsp sunflower lecithin (non-GMO), this will really make your ice-cream creamy
1 tbsp. organic sprouted brown rice protein powder
(I like using a vanilla flavored variety to add an extra vanilla-ey flavor) 

1/4 cup goat or coconut milk (or as needed to blend your Ice Dream)
1/2 teaspoon raw ground vanilla bean
dash cinnamon
sprinkle of Real Salt
1 acidophilus capsule (optional, for some extra tummy love) 

For the toppings: Whatever your dreamy heart desires. I love sprinkling raw cacao nibs and roasted almonds on top. Ms. Juliana Mariia Rose created a similar version of this recipe and she topped hers with spirulina powder, which is nutritious, adventurous and awesome. Have fun coming up with your own topping creations! 


I like chilling my bowl & spoon in the freezer before serving so that the ice-cream stays cold for longer. Combine all ingredients in a blender. If using, open up your acidophilus capsule and sprinkle powder into the blender. Blend on high. Add extra goat milk in small increments if your ingredients aren't blending, you're looking for a creamy ice-cream consistency. Transfer ice-cream into your chilled bowl and add desired toppings. Enjoy, my friends =) 

Creativity Boosters

Bananas ~ Bananas feed your brain and your spirit! Tryptophan, an amino acid found in bananas, boosts your memory and your mood. These yummy fruits are also high in potassium, which supports the process of sending more oxygen to brain, so that it can function at its peak. Potassium also helps to relax your muscles and regulate your blood pressure, which decreases tension and stress in the body.  Overall, bananas maintain stable blood sugar levels to keep you feeling happy and balanced. 

Raspberries ~ Raspberries may seem tiny, but they're mighty. They're potent brain boosters. Animal studies have shown that there's a positive correlation between the flavonoids found in raspberries and memory improvement. Anthocyanin, a colorful antioxidant found in raspberries support neurons in the brain by giving them more energy. 

As I was writing this post I couldn't help but think back to Juliana's beautiful piece about Chocolate & Joy. I feel that ice cream too is one of those wonderful things in life that creates joy. And with joy comes creativity. Especially if the source of your joy is good for every part of of your being: the mind, the spirit & the body. Which, I assure you my friends, this ice cream recipe definitely is. So, go on, enJOY! 

With so much love & creativity,


author: Leah Steiner // photos by: Leah Steiner