My Most Important Morning Ritual

Hi Everyone! 

Today I’m really looking forward to sharing what I’ve discovered is my single most important morning ritual. The one ritual that, if I get around to practicing it, has a huge effect on the rest of my day. 

My regular routine has been pretty shaken up over the past few months. As someone who thrives on structure, this has been challenging at times. I’ve discovered that in order for my creativity to thrive, it needs the structure & support that my daily routines and rituals provide. Not always having the time and space to practice these over the past two months, has inspired me to explore what my most important practices are. Specifically, I asked myself: “What is the one ritual that I can practice that will support me with tapping into a state of creative flow?”. In today’s video I’ll share what came up.

Enjoy, friends! 

Leah SalinasComment