THE MAGIC OF MAKING: beyond the asana

We are taught in yoga that it’s more than just a pose;
to bring the lessons we learn on our mat, off the mat, into our days, into our lives...

Making chocolate is more than just making chocolate, it is beyond the asana, so to speak.. beyond the pose, it's how it feels and what it does; it’s so much more than getting to the end goal, in this case the truffle. that’s probably with making anything really..

to me, it’s about connecting to simplicity. with 5 simple, wholesome ingredients, magic can happen.

point being, we already have (and here’s where the esoteric part comes in, bare with me here:) we already have the ingredients in our lives to make magic happen.

make it simple & natural; and you’ve got magic.

it’s also about a ritual and a presence with the ingredients. getting back to fundamentals, smelling and holding and making and tasting; hands engulfed in heavenly cacao butter scent and muddied in dark cacao powder goo. it’s fun!

it’s a place to connect with basics, fundamentals of experience, sans fancy technology (which i absolutely love by the way!). it’s a place to get messy, experiment, love, and connect to all the physical senses. 
it's the freedom of a playground, your private sandbox; it's about practicing and trusting and following your intuition;

to me, making chocolate is about the shared experienceit’s an energy exchange;

i like to think these little chocolates come from the heart. from the hands of the people who grew the beans, retrieved the cacao butter, the coconut; to our kitchen in echo park. lots of love goes into that.

hope you enjoyed this bite-sized snippet of a post (pun absolutely intended!).


author: Juliana Mariia Rose

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