this piece is dedicated to cacao BUTTER. that amazing fatty oh-you-smell-soooo-good deliciousness.

it is meant to be a collection of little recipes n’ mixes i’ve sampled since i started having the stuff stocked in my kitchen. enjoy x-x

.. and tell me how it goes and what you’ve tried! o-o

i love bulletproof coffee. especially on days when i might’ve gotten a little less sleep. the fats keep snacking at bay and complements more energy & focus to dedicate to whatever we’re doing.
cacao butter is slightly toasty in flavor (like roasted marshmallows toasty) and adds a nice somethin’ somethin’ to your bulletproof.


p.s. to make bulletproof coffee, blend 1 tbsp coconut oil and 1 tbsp butter with your regular cup o’ coffee; to make above recipe, replace some or all of the butter/oil with cacao butter. OR check out c&c’s triple boost recipe here!.
i call it '' Use finely grated cacao butter (you can use the specks at the bottom of your cacao butter bag); sprinkle that into your tea after it’s done brewing. i like drinking it with a little baby spoon of raw honey.
it's a super special taste. i have it in full-bodied ginger root, turmeric root, chamomile flower tea. and then there’s that surprise hint of cacao butter. it’s really quite something! the herbal tea family lends itself particularly well to the cacao butter. enjoy!
this recipe from the Wellness Mama is AHMAZING (this gal really knows her stuff by the way. i reference her for most homemade remedies and natural diys). you’re gonna wanna make this to:

smell like cacao!have glistening skin that shines like a super modelit also lasts forever & makes an amazing gift (plus save some for yourself ;])

it’s storable in a mason jar or anything really of your choosing (make sure it seals well if you leave it in a moisture rich spot like your bathroom).
i like to add glitter to mine (i used edible glitter i had from another craft project; yes i have an inner twelve year old living inside me). i’ve also combined it with peppermint oil in my hand when i want a bit of a minty kick, or when i haven’t gotten quite enough shut eye.
*also, this is really important. your skin is the largest digestive organ. that means what you put on your body counts! it matters. so in essence you are lathering cacao buttery amazingness outside your body and in!
(side note: lots of beauty and household items contain xenoestrogens which are one of the Major contributors to hormone imbalance; your hormone system is one of the most important determiners of your overall well-being !)

closing thoughts: how empowering is it to know and experience self-care with the materials we have in our own homes & kitchens, and raw materials at that! i find this incredibly empowering. i don’t need to go out and buy a product to care for myself. and if i do choose to purchase one, i can carefully choose whom i want to support. i love this independence, this revolution of independent consumerism that we in our community- in our generation- have the good fortune of engaging in and growing. Cheers to that !

With love & C.butter,

xoxo jules (author & creator of Cacao: a Journal and Choco&Coco.,

author: juliana mariia rose

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