CACAO: a journal, part un

Okay the cat is out of the bag. We are doing a series about CHOCOLATE! Yes, CHOCOLATE! And i’m this journal’s proud leader, creator, mama. 

The idea for the series grew out of a recent foray in chocolate making, raw chocolate making in particular (hence, Cacao with an a :]). I found a fascination with the formidable raw stuff and an intent interest in the little bean. After one particular evening sharing truffl’d stories with a dear friend, sparks flew and i knew we had something here - something people (you all reading this now) just must know. Brimming from ear to ear with my wild, chocolate-filled idea, i brought it to Leah, she also agreed, and it was decided that C&C would be the perfect home for CACAO.

And so well, here we are. 

I asked myself a lot: Why. Why write a journal on chocolate? Why write a journal at all in fact? (as you may know from a previous post on C&C, I am decidedly not a writer). Well here it is: there is, i believe, this thoroughly untapped magic and power to chocolate - to raw chocolate, that is - and i’m here, dear reader, to divulge and explore with you just that! And what’s more, there’s this magic to making chocolate, that’s beyond the asana so to speak - it’s more than just  putting ingredients together. 

Part philosophical/esoteric, part fun, practical, and educational, this journal will be a collection of sort-of
recipes involving the cacao bean (you’ll see why sort-of later :]), a the study of the bean itself, and thoughts and musings on the act and art of creating chocolate. And really, truly, i hope it will foster an open conversation with you, dear readers and friends. 

Alongside each journal entry, we’ll be posing food and fodder for thought on our social media channels. Come on over and say hi, ask us any questions, and share your experiences with us - with cacao, with chocolate making (or any kind of making you do), and the ingredients, both metaphorically and literally, that fuel your creative output. Most importantly, this journal is for you and we want it to be valuable to you. Please do tell us, we want to hear!

Lastly, my secret wish is that CACAO might inspire you some day in some way. 
A dreamer can dream!

With overflowing love & chocolate from our home in echo park, ca

Juliana & Leah

author: Juliana Mariia Rose